Sunday, 6 April 2014

Jewellery Rolls

I have been busy making fabric Jewellery Rolls for my grandsons school. They will be his donations for the Mothers Day stall.
I have been using my scraps for the outside. I have added a bling ring so the kids know what they are.
What I am sitting and sewing tonight is all the press studs on.
It is taking a while so I thought I would add it to Slow Stitching Sunday
It doesn't have to be a long time project but one that has you sit, think, relax, sew & achieve.
After my hectic week it has been good sitting down stitching these while I sit and chat with my hubby & mother in law. Father in law is in hospital and has had major heart surgery so mother in law is here for a couple of weeks.
A relaxing night before the week begins again.
So here they are........
I have made 10 in all...
Do you like the bling....


  1. What a nice project! Lucky kids / school! :)

  2. These are adorable. I have never seen this jewelry roll before. This is a great donation.

  3. I think this would be a good thing to make for my guild's gift shop at their quilt show later this year ... did you use a pattern or invent this design on your own?

  4. Wow you sure have been busy ,they will be very popular on the Mother's Day stall,well done Jo.xx

  5. What a great idea! Enjoy the chatting while doing some slow stitching.

  6. Hello Jo.

    Lovely gifts for the Mother's Day stall.

    Have a Happy Monday.

  7. You amaze me with how much you get done..They look great

  8. I saw your post about these on the Tuesday Archives. I make a larger version of these but love this size too! Is this your own design? I agree with you these are great for using up scraps.


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