Friday, 28 November 2014

A close up of what I made for the Millrosie XMAS swap.

Well I have made so many gifts for swaps recently. Some were very small but I enjoyed making them. The last post I put up lots of little photos but this post I will show you them individually.
There is a lot so maybe grab a drink, put your feet up and relax and read....
Here is some SANTA FACES in beadwork that I made into Earrings.

Fabric bowls

A special test tube hot chocolate pack....

I had fun with these and made up 5 packs. They are a good idea to be given with a mug....

 Then there were some REINDEER CANDY CANES MADE. Lots of them....

 I always like to make a double ended oven mitt & pot holder. So I made a XMAS set.

 Then I did a X stitch made into a book for a tree ornament. These are so cute and I really enjoy making them...

 How about these cute beaded earrings. They took me a while to make. Like hours but I think they are ok...

 Then I spent some time knitting some sweet decorations. My mum and I made these for my kids class full of kids and teachers through the years..

A cute stocking filled with chocolate

 A knitted bell with a tinkling bell sewn in.. 

 Next we have a crochet SANTA FACE. This is a brooch. I used to make these all the tine. They are so cute.

 I love making these TRIANGLE XMAS TREES. They look really good hanging up and my friend has hers hanging from her lounge light. It is made double sided so it doesn't have to be on a wall.

Here I have made an easy fabric bowl a and filled it with yummy goodies.

I packaged these gifts into little boxes, stacked them up on top of each other to form a XMAS TREE. How cute is that...
There is also the test tube hot chocolate drink, marshmallows and  sweeties. Oh yummy...

Hope you have enjoyed the gifts I made for this special swap..
Now to complete my SANTA SACK SWAP by the 25th of November.
No rest for the wicked...... 


  1. You've been very busy Jo. I love the ornament you made out of your little cross stitch.

  2. I am still enjoying them, thank you! I was the lucky recipient of the Mill Rose swap!

  3. So many cute ideas here. Thank you for sharing them

  4. Very fun ideas for swap gifts. Those earrings are very, very cute.

  5. What fantastic gifts you've made Jo - love the variety xx


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