Saturday, 15 November 2014


I am going to the Millrosie group for their XMAS get together.
We can join in the swap if we want. 
The theme is a XMAS tree ornament, something to wear & a treat.
It was really hard for me yo decide what to make. I am fairly new to this group but I am unsure of the expectations. It has been hard for me as I really didn't know I was going to be there until Wednesday..
So here goes. This is what I did.......

I made a knitted stocking and put a chocolate roll in it, knitted bell for the tree & a crochet Samta Face for a brooch.
Then there was a cross stitched book ornament for the tree & some beaded SANTA faces earrings to wear. I added a triangle XMAS tree to hang up. Of course there was something for the kitchen, a pot holder and a double ended oven mitt......

 Here are all the treats, gifts, wrapped up & gift bag.
I also added a fabric sweets bag over filled & a set of test tubes filled with goodies to make a delicious HOT CUOCOLATE with marshmellows & chocolates. All gift wrapped.
I hope I have filled the spot of what is expected and haven't let anyone down....


  1. WOW!!! Whoever receives your beautiful gifts will be very spoilt - they are beautiful Jo. I would be feeling very special if I received them!! You have exceeded the expectations for a swap I would think!! have a great day with the girls!!

  2. Hi Jo it was great catching up with you today,your gifts were well loved Jo ,you put together an awesome parcel,so glad you had a great time.

  3. I'm sure you lived up to expectations. Great gifts.

  4. lovely to see you yesterday Jo!
    your gifties were amazing and were in demand, some people couldn't let them go lol

  5. Everything is gorgeous. It was so lovely to finally meet you in person, Jo.

  6. And I was the lucky receiver of all those beautiful gifts, except for the Santa face earrings, naughty Santa gave them away so to speak. It was truely a bounty of gifts, thank you Jo!

  7. Wow Jo you did an amazing job. Looks like you had a great time xx

  8. Your gifts were amazing Jo and much fought over!! Lol!!

  9. Very cute gifts! I bet they were very popular.


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