Friday, 2 June 2017

GOLDEN GLOW Spring Challenge is done

Tonight I'm stitchinlong with everyone at Cheryl's
And for the whole weekend I am joining in with chookyblue at
Sorry, I couldn't get the photo to cooperate...

A few years back I went to the Phillip Island Mother's Day retreat
and did a Worksop with Gina Burgess..
The workshop was called Borders with Attitude. Here is my version....

I have finally finished my challenge SPRING quilt. I used glide, guterman, gold glitter, variegated
threads of different thicknesses for texture. Very happy with the finishes.
I've stitched in a bird in flight. All the background stitching is the quilting.
I am very happy with myself. It's the first time I have done anything like this and it's a lot of quilting..
 I love the falling flowers. How light and pretty. They remind me of the cherry blossoms.
The beads give it sparkle.
 I've put large flowers floating on the top with golden beads 
 This was the best photo I could get before I handed it in to the group. I'm not sure when I will be getting it back but it will be on display at our show at the end of the year. 


  1. It is so beautiful, Jo! The quilting is brilliant, and the embellishments are gorgeous.

  2. Your quilt is lovely. I love the soft blue and yellow. Looking at her makes me feel peaceful, relaxed and calm.

  3. Gorgeous, Jo! Love all that gold detail. It will be a big hit at the quilt show.

  4. Congratulations, what an awesome finish , you did an amazing job on the quilting, love the bird!

  5. amazing I really can see your birds flying there is so much movement in this piece and the quilting look fantastic the beads too add an extra sparkle can see this will be a winner at the show

  6. I would be happy too if I produced something as gorgeous as that.

  7. And so you should be Jo, it is beautiful well done!!! Love the bird in flight!!

  8. You should be proud of yourself- the quilting detail is stunning. And beads!! A show winner in my book!

  9. this quilt is have done a great job with it.......

  10. Very lovely Jo! You did a fantastic job with the quilting and the design is beautiful!

  11. That is amazing!! You put in so much work and the result is breathtaking! Hurray for you!


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