Tuesday, 26 May 2015

1XiAM with Narelle

I have finished making 2 more XMAS TABLE RUNNERS.
They are different sizes because that's all the fabric I had. With the larger one I put wadding in the middle. This was really easy to do.

If you want to make these table runners have a look at this tutorial


  1. Hi Jo ,what wonderful gifts for the pressie box,well done my friend xx

  2. These are lovely Jo, I like the fabric combinations.

  3. Your friends and family will be so happy to receive these, they're lovely.

  4. Oooh! I have some fabric I have wanted to use for place mats and napkins. This table runner pattern would be a perfect addition! Thank you for sharing! Yours turned out fabulous.

  5. Pretty runners! You are going to be in good shape with your Christmas gifts this year.

  6. Hello Jo, Good time for Xmas sewing and your runners are lovely. I have one cut out so must get it done. I think Grandmas always get the Library bags to make and Spiderman looks great. The pencil holder embroidery is pretty for the notebook, great idea.


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