Friday, 13 November 2015

What have I been doing

I have had a great quiet week at home. So one day I cleaned out my wardrobe. I filled the rubbish bin too. Why do we hold on to things that ar old, torn, stained and don't fit?  I don't know!!!!
I also spent 2 days outside weeding, digging out stumps, having a bonfire before the restrictions came in and just a general clean up.
Now for something fun
Catching up on some finishes. Getting things out of the cupboard and stitching.
So here I have 24 finishes for OPAM......

 Put them in with a dishcloth and my little gifts for those unexpected moments are ready.

Now to finish these decorations.

I have my parcel wrapped for tomorrow's friendly group at Gisborne...
It's a mini Xmas Swap...
What will I get....



  1. Your little Santa's are very cute. Jo. Yes, I wonder what wonderful mini's will appear tomorrow!

  2. I hope you get something wonderful...24 Santa's Jo you really are amazing.

  3. Hi Jo ,yes I agree with Keryn that's an amazing amount,have fun tomorrow ,can't wait to see the fun that you will all get up to take lots of pics ,can't wait to see your mini my friend xx

  4. Beautiful fun Santas. Hope you have a great day.

  5. Need to follow their example and make a big cleanup in my clothes closet ...
    Small Santa Claus are very cute. You worked hard! Your friends will love!

  6. Wow ... very productive and super cute Santa gathering :)

  7. Love the santas. Once again you have been busy. I just did a clear out of some clothes that don't fit as well. Know what you mean about letting go

  8. Fun Santas! Looks like you are doing well on getting your little gifts all made.


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