Sunday, 1 November 2015

I'm not a gardener but these roses are so pretty.

I was given this miniature rose plant for my birthday 11 years ago. I am so surprised it is still living.
I'm not very good at caring for plants. I'd rather see than get out the Jose to water. I'm an inside sort of person. Our weather has been a little different just lately and just look at those flowers.
There are so many. It is just beautiful.

Here is my friend, Rhondas quilt for a special Aussie Hero.
Can you guess the request. She has done a wonderful job. 

This year the three of us have sent about 15 quilts....



  1. Rhonda has done a fantastic job on the Mickey mouse quilt and such a good cause too. Your roses look beautiful Jo, you must have a green thumb there somewhere.

  2. Really pretty rose Jo love the colour.

  3. Lovely rose. Such a gorgeous colour. Well done on your joint 15 quilts total.

  4. Lovely rose how they look after themselves and the flower beautifully !! Great aussie Hero quilt...Rhonda has done a wonderful job. Great joint effort!!

  5. Wow Jo I love the colour of those roses,and the quilt is gorgeous,well done ladies with you quilt tally xx

  6. Lovely job on the Aussie Hero quilt. I am like you, Love looking at the garden but luckily my hubby enjoys gardening so it stays nice!

  7. Love the Mickey Mouse quilt and those roses are a beautiful colour. I'm with you though... my thumbs are definitely black!

  8. Fun Micky quilt! Your roses are gorgeous. I'm an indoor person too, so when landscaped with roses I found some that were labeled as neglect tolerant!


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