Wednesday, 18 November 2015

My friends and I this week

It is so good to have a group of friends that are always there for each other. That's what my Monday group is. We have all been through so much and especially very recently.
4 deaths, parents hospitalised and operations happening to just name a few. There have been many things but we get together each week for some tears, fun, laughter, stories and of course, some sewing. Thank you to my friends for their wonderful support......
Here we are hard at work.
Here is Rhonda hard at work machine quilting this scrap crazy quilt.
It is for a Xmas present.
 But it needs to be finished this week as she is going in for an operation on Friday.
 I dropped in to see her and the binding is nearly all sewn on..
Look at the mess. I have convinced my friends at this group to bring in their scraps. No matter how small and ugly. So every week they add to this bag. They have helped me make many quilts out of it. At first they thought I was crazy but now they have even made quilts themselves at home. They cannot believe what can be done out of what we would normally throw away. PROGRESS.
Look at all these scraps.
Barb finishing a binding on her Pirate quilt for a Xmas present
Joy working away, cutting and sewing together scraps..
 These will be put into an AUSSIE HERO QUILT
Joy battling with crumbs & scraps...
I have a really good friend that has moved interstate. She was working on a grandmas flower garden hexagon quilt...
Well, these were some of the left over hexagons.
The clever ladies from my Monday group designed this up out of the pieces. A member that was has moved away is working on it. She has been quilting it and is nearly finished...
Di's hexagons and Jill's design, applique and quilting.
Jill quilting away

 And then there is the BUBBLE TREE. Remember I started this last year for RSC... Well I didn't get too much done and our group wanted to make a wall hanging for the church we meet in.
So others have been working on it too and now the binding is being stitched.
Isn't it looking great.... Well done girls...
Church of Christ BUBBLE TREE 

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  1. How wonderful to have a group that meets each week for some sewing! I'll see you at FNSI

  2. Hi Jo what a wonderful group and lots of beautiful projects on the go xx

  3. Your quilting group sounds rather like the one I belong to. Good friends through all the ups and downs in life, and some lovely sewing and playing with fabric and colour along the way.

  4. Sounds like a wonderful group Jo and looks like lots get done.

  5. Wonderful group to be a part of Jo........can make amhuge difference to your life...lots of beautiful creations there.

  6. Sounds like a brilliant group, certainly very talented too.

  7. Enjoyed catching up with you Jo so industrious regards lyn

  8. You have a very talented group of friends. Looks like a lot of fun.


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