Saturday, 7 November 2015

My stitching day out with a friend

Up nice and early, grab a coffee and hit the road. Through the city peak hour traffic and then we arrive. Yes, e are in Narre Warren East for a Gail Pan & Debbie Busby stitching day.
Here is my friend Nikki happily getting ready to stitch....

Here is my friend Nikki happily getting ready to stitch.. She was surprised when I took her photo

Jo & Illene

Then I caught up with the sweet, lovely Illene from

It's always good to catch up with blogging friends.

It was the first time all 3 of us attended one of these days

Before we opened our goody bags I grabbed a photo with GAIL & DEBBIE BUSBY.

Of course there was a shop to spend 

Beautiful projects designed by Debbie from

some of Gail's work for show..

This is my first project I decided to work on. I have not used wool before so this was a great introduction for me....
I decided to start with the wool project for the day instead of a stitchery. There was a choice of patterns to start with. 4 in all. 2 wool kits/patterns were included, 2stitchery patterns were drawn out and you could buy the finishing kits for them. There was also a wool pin cushion for us all. Made by Debbie, a container of lil pins, a reindeer cookie, a pencil with a cotton reel topper and a Xmas ball decoration. We were all very spoilt.
I will add a photo of the contents of my goody bag later when I show my finished elf...

I was going to join in last night with but I was just so tired after I got home.
So my days wool work is what is going to count. 

I know of a few more bloggers going to the workshop so I decided to do this post after they had been.
Shez, Cheryl & Melody will have a great day.
I'm sure there will be lots more photos on their blog.


  1. Looks like you had a wonderful day ... I look forward to seeing your little elf all dressed up :)

  2. Sounds as if you all had a great time, sweet little elf!

  3. Sew lucky to have met Illene and have a fabulous day with her and all the others.. Love the cute elf..

  4. Hi Jo ,wow it sure was a great workshop,love the patterns and both Gail and Debbie were so nice,so glad you got to meet Illene xx

  5. I love Debbie's wool patterns. Thanks for sharing a link to her blog with us. Looks like you guyus had a great day!

  6. Well done. Isn't it lovely to meet up with blog friends?

  7. It was so nice to meet you and yes it was a great day
    Doing a Blog post myself very soon

  8. A lovely day enjoyed by you three - always lovely to meet up with like minded bloggy friends!

  9. I went Saturday and it really was a great day

  10. Sounds like you had a great day Jo...lovely to meet up with Illene. Will be good to see your goodies.

  11. Sounds like a great day out, Jo.

  12. Looks like it was a very fun and productive day.


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