Wednesday, 6 January 2016

A little bit of sewing

First up I made another FIDDLE CLOTH. I had another friend see and love my cloth that she wanted one for her friends mum. So here it is and it will be setting sail to its new home.
Fiddle cloth with lots of goodies on it.
Hand towel backing, 
As you can see on this Fiddle cloth there are lots of things to play with. A zip with tassel, buttons, lace, doily, beads on elastic, ribbon with Velcro, looped ribbons, beads, buckle and some chenille for the softness. Lots to explore for someone who is only able to just sit...

Then I needed to try out this cute pattern. I have finally tracked down some crushed walnuts for filling., I think it is a bit fine but good for starters. So here is my owl. I am not happy with his feet overlapping so they will be redone when I'm in the mood for unpicking..

Cute Owl with pigeon toes...
Here is the link for a great tutorial. Click HERE


I'm getting ready for FNWF
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  1. Love the fiddle cloth .....cute pattern x

  2. Wonderful idea the fiddle cloth, well done Jo.

  3. Kind of you to make another of your Fiddle Cloths for your friend. Love your owl!

  4. Jo, you never fail to amaze me with all your great ideas. My mum would have loved a Fiddle Cloth when she had a stroke. She was quite distressed and used to spend her day twisting her top sheet around and around and count numbers!! They are both beautiful and will give so much joy to the special people who have received them.

  5. Definitely a lot to play with on the fiddle cloth. The owl is very fun, even with crossed claws.


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