Wednesday, 23 March 2016


WELL, as you all know what is happening, it is a time of grab a moment and sew..
My hubby had some mates come for a visit so I disappear into my work room...
This is what I am up to.
I have been sneaking in a few sewing sessions from 9-12 at night when hubby has been asleep and after the hospital visits...
I am to have this quilt finished by Easter. It has been a hard week...
Here it is so far.... Can you guess the theme...
SPIDER-MAN for RICKY's nephew...
It is nearly finished. Another few hours tomorrow night and it will be done ready for Thursday


  1. Great quilt Jo. Glad that hubby is home and all going well. Take care of you though in all this!

  2. Wow it's amazing my friend ,remember to take care of yourself too,how did your viewing go xx

  3. ADORABLE!!!!!!!!!!!!! It's going to make someone very happy!!!

  4. You've done well to fit in some sewing time Jo. Gorgeous quilt

  5. You have done a fantastic job on the quilt. I hope hubby continues to improve xx

  6. You have done an amazing job considering what you've had on your plate Jo.
    Hope hubby is recovering well...
    Have a restful (if you can) Easter... stay safe... xox


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