Wednesday, 6 June 2018

Lake Cullulleraine Quilting Retreat

Oops, I think I got the dates to post wrong . Oh well it's a double post time.
Anyway, this was our view while on retreat. The pelicans are resting on the fence.

The sunset is beautiful over the lake.

My little letters , abc quilt, is now basted for quilting..
I am very happy with this one.

I got the outside rows on to my bow Ties quilt. It now measures 80" square.
Now for basting and quilting.

And what I got done on the weekend.
2 baby quilts cut, sewn & basted...
1 ABC, LITTLE LETTERS, baby quilt finished the blocks, stitched together & basted.
Thanks to Sheryl at 
For the pattern


  1. Omg what a pretty got heaps done.......

  2. Looks like a lovely spot for a retreat. And so much sewing accomplished!

  3. Beautiful views.. Just love those Pelicans...
    Lots of great quilts...
    You always amaze me at how much you can get done...

  4. I am so happy for you have a getaway retreat. The photos are so beautiful. Yay for some finishes as well.

  5. A very productive retreat! Love the venue photos.

  6. Lovely photo Jo, you had a super productive weekend. Your Bow Tie quilt top looks wonderful, love the little letters quilt.


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