Friday, 22 June 2018

Maxine's Crazy Friendship finish

My friend Maxine was helping out her friend to get a quilt finished.
40 years ago these blocks were made by a group of friends. The plan was a friendship quilt.
14 blocks were made and then put in a bag and into the cupboard they went. 

Maxine had some similar fabric and lace and set out to make a block. (The centre one)
But too much lace..
Then we were playing with layout ideas.
We didn't want to change the original blocks as they were made from friends. 
We just had to figure out how to put them together.
Cut away some lace and it blends nicely.

Look at how it all works together.

Then we printed the label onto a doily.
The quilt wont be washed but will be treasured.
When given back to the owner she was brought to tears..


  1. Beautiful job! That's a lovely thing to do for the friend.

  2. It is a beauitful quilt, love the label idea as well :)

  3. You made a good job of assembling those differing blocks into a lovely quilt.

  4. Wonderful Maxine and you were able to play with the blocks and put together a beautiful quilt.

  5. What a beautifil thing to do Jo..that quilt will be treasured for life.


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