Thursday, 6 December 2018


Ok... so all my blocks are ready to assemble .. All 50 of them.

I am sewing together the 50 blocks. It's getting there...

I am about to iron the 240 pieces ready for trimming and the sashing blocks will be ready for joining.

My blocks are sewn /webbed in one direction ready for ironing and sewing the next step to complete the block...

I think some of these photos are out of order but I'm sure you get the picture...

Now I am on to joining the blocks, starting on the sashing and I'm nearly there.
I know the new mystery has started... GOOD FORTUNE.... I will get to it. I'm printing the instructions and not stressing that I'm not sewing along.


  1. These are such great colors. Pretty blocks!

  2. My favourite colours, very partial to blue and brown combinations. Love the zing of the yellow.

  3. You have made great progress Jo, the blocks looks great.

  4. Loving the colours and the blocks. :)

  5. I enjoyed looking at you and your friends EN Ringo Lake. (I am referring to a latter post than this one.) The quilts will be gorgeous. Your browns and yellows look perfect!


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