Sunday, 25 May 2014

BUT WAIT, there is more

I thought I had caught up with my green blocks from Angela  at Soscrappy  BUT then she went ahead and did some more. So what was I to do.. DO THEM, of course.
I looked on Pinterest and did the ones there too.
The top one in the centre I did a little different. On the weekend we learnt a 3d bow tie pattern so I put that into it. The centre diamond shape is a 3d piece....

While I was in the mood I made my 12" paper pieced block for Julianne
I thought it was going to be harder than it was. It went together better than I thought. It lays flat and the seams meet. I think this is my best one yet.
Have a look at the PAPER PIECERS SWAP BLOG for some more great blocks.


  1. Love your scrappy green blocks ...

  2. Wow! You really did catch up! I think I'm done with green now so you are safe. Love the fabric in the center of the cactus pot.

  3. wow Jo it looks awesome,you are so clever with your blocks,well done.xx

  4. Busy weekend! Those blocks are awesome.

  5. Love Love Love my block Jo! Cant wait till it gets here! Your green blocks look awesome, nice job!


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