Thursday, 15 May 2014

Flannel Blankets of Love

I found some pieces of Flannelette so I thought I would use it up and make some "blankets of love" for Cheryll to pass on to the hospital.
These are 11" blankets with flannelette on either one side or both sides. 
I have also made "MEMORY PATCHES" to go with them.
Have a look HERE for more info


  1. What a wonderful sweet thing to do Jo,well done.xx

  2. So sweet! What are memory patches?

  3. Yes, I would also like to know, what is a memory patch?

  4. I have seen these on Cheryll's site - I think this is just a wonderful project. The little added memory patch is a sweet touch.

  5. So sweet and inspiring! The perfect post to rejuvenate!


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