Sunday, 4 May 2014

I'm seeing GREEN

 I am still sewing away and have today been doing my WONKY STARS. I will be making different colour blocks to put together for my sons girl friends birthdays this year.

I still have those beautiful views.

And of course my friends dog GYPSY had to join in the fun.

These blocks measure 18" so I will only need 12 to make a nice size quilt. I am not adding a border....

I am linking up today with Angela at Soscrappy for SCRAP HAPPY SATURDAY

I have had a great day of sewing while my friend has been doing the cooking.
Look at these scales she uses every day. They are reat. I wouldn't know how to use them.


  1. I remember seeing scales that but not sure where... they are fabulous. Love the quilts and obviously so did Gypsy. Enjoy the rest of your time away.

  2. Love the wonky stars...but oh my...the view is even better!

  3. love your blocks the quilt is coming along nicely Jo and can i ask where where the pics taken the view is awesome.xx

  4. Beautiful blocks and I LOVE your views..

  5. Gorgeous blocks and helper :) I have scales just like those; they're really easy to use.

  6. Great blocks, great view. My mother used scales like those with a set of brass weights. I have the perfect cake recipe that works well with those scales: first you put the whole eggs on the platform for the weights, and then use them to weigh out the other ingredients. Unfortunately I've lost the details, so while I hunt for my ancient hand-written recipe book, maybe someone reading this can help jog my memory.

  7. Your blocks are wonderful! Looks like Gypsy is just like our cat, Lucy. As soon as a quilt hits the floor..she has to lay on it. I think they want to claim the quilts as their own! Beautiful work, thanks for sharing.

  8. A hop, skip and a jump away from the coast. How wonderful! The sea and sky have soooo many different blues. The quilt is really coming together nicely. Gypsy seems to be enjoying the quilt and the sun.

  9. Love that view.....your post inspired me use this pattern for my dog fabric....thanks for the inspiration!


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