Sunday, 28 September 2014

Marcus a Fabrics Sew Along

Today I had a great time at a Sit n Sew day at Kilmore.
Here is what I worked on...

I have been following Pam from Heartspun quilts and her sew along over at 

Every Friday a new pattern was put up. I have done completely different colours and am happy so far. I had these purples already and wanted to use them up.
I have only done the first two blocks so far. They are easy to do so it won't take too long to catch up now my fabrics have been chosen.

Week 1.... Pam Buda's block.
Union Forever

Week 2..... 
Paula Barnes' block

If you want to join in & catch up go and have a look at the links


  1. Hi Jo awesome blocks,hope you had a lovely weekend.xx

  2. Nice blocks...sorry to have missed the sit & sew...

  3. Your blocks look great Jo, I do like the purple.

  4. Hi Jo, I enjoyed seeing your blocks. Warm Regards, O'faigh


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