Monday, 29 September 2014


After a great day with other sewers yesterday I thought it best to have a slow night.
I thought I would link up with Kathy and the others 
I decided to just sit, watch TV & knit more dishcloths.
I found this great pattern which is suitable for XMAS as well as other times of the year.
I was given some 8 ply cotton. Off I went. Click, click, clack.....

This was out of HANDMADE COUNTRY CHRISTMAS CRAFTS.. Vol 29 No 8...

 Then one for my daughter with her initial on it. KKKKKKKKKKK.

Basic pattern from

The pattern uses a thicker cotton than 8 ply. All I could find is 8 ply so that's what I used. Paired it up with size 3mm (11) needles and it measured up to the same size as all the others.
I did add an extra 10 rows above and below the initial as well as 5 sts either side of the initial.


  1. Hi Jo boy you are clever,your knitted dish cloths are awesome ,i love these for the dishes,love the patterns also,well done my friend.xx

  2. Great way to wind down after a hectic day of stitching...nice variation to include words and initials...

  3. What a relaxing way to spend the evening - these look great Jo xx

  4. The raised letters are so cool. Looks like you'll be ready for Christmas.


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