Monday, 9 February 2015

a sweet lady down the street

There is a sweet lady who lives in the Main Street of my town. She has a beautiful cottage garden. Since losing my son she regularly phones me up and says....
It's that time, my flowers are blooming.
This is what she delivers.....

What a beautiful bunch of flowers to display with my family. She is so sweet. 
Thankyou Lorraine.....


  1. Hi Jo that's so special what a gorgeous lady,your wall of pics looks fantastic xx

  2. What a lovely lady to share her beautiful flowers with you.

  3. That is so sweet....lovely flowers...

  4. What a special lady she is...the flowers are beautiful.

  5. What a beautiful thought and lady.

  6. A very kind and thoughtful lady who understands how her regular gifts of flowers can be so healing. Enjoy them and enjoy the peace they bring. Our son-in-law always refers to family photos as the Rogues Gallery. Yours is lovely.

  7. Beautiful flowers. What a wonderful neighbor.


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