Thursday, 5 February 2015

School is back

So my grandson, who is now in grade 1, is back at school. Of course he needs a new ART SMOCK.
I had a little bit of fabric here. He didn't like much of it so I am hoping he likes what I have made.

He liked the camouflage fabric  then I had to find something to go with it.
I found this aircraft fabric. Yes I know it is going sideways but I had to go with what I had.
It is reversible so when one side is too messy just put it on the other way.
I hope he likes it.
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  1. Hi Jo oh i think he will love it,its a real boys art smock,well done my friend on a great finish xx

  2. He would love it - it is very much a little boys shirt!! Plus his grandma made it for him - that is always a winning point!!

  3. Well done. Now you have a grandson with clean clothes, even after a paining session! I wonder which side will be his first choice to wear in front.

  4. So glad he likes it. I bet all his friends love it and will want one too.

  5. the camouflage will hid the paint mess too lol
    lovely finish.


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