Saturday, 4 April 2015

A little birthday gift and a new start

I went to my local quilt group KILMORE QUILTERS meeting in March. We had a great catch up because I was away for the Feb one. Because it was my birthday in March I could choose a fat quarter. Then my door ticket was pulled out so got another fat quarter. Here they are.


I would like to thank everyone for all your support over the hard month that I have just had.

I hope to return to my sewing and blogging like I have been in the past. 
I am trying to catch up on all that I did and received over the past few weeks.

I have brought home 2 carloads of mums crafts. Some only just started. I hope to work my way through them and pass some projects on to the members of the family. Mum was a great knitter, crocheter and sewer. Wow, I thought I had a big stash. We haven't even scratched the top of mums three rooms of supplies. If mum could find a hole there was something put in it.

So here is my first start. A crochet blanket for a great grandson...

I have worked on this all weekend and managed to sit on Sunday to nearly finish it. So I'm joining in with everyone over at.


  1. Hopefully things can slowly get back to normal for you Jo. The blanket is great. Nice to get two fat quarters.

  2. yes I also hope that you can slowly get back to your sewing and blogging Jo. XX
    Both FQs are lovely.
    Nice to finish Mum's UFOs. Lovely crocheted rug you are working on..

  3. I've been out of the loop I was so very sad to read of your two loses. Life just isn't fair sometimes is it. You've had more than your share of I wish you and your family a better 2015 from this point on. My hugs and thoughts go to you all...xox

  4. Sending you big hugs my friend ,hope you have a lovely Easter xx

  5. Will be tough Jo but maybe working on your Mums things will be good therapy

  6. your blanket looks fantastic, it's so wonderful that you are using your mums stash.
    hope your family can get back to some normality.

  7. Lovely crochet rug
    Hopefully your Mums crafts will be good therapy for you xx

  8. Sending you hugs. Christine xx

  9. Working on your Mum's crafts will be good. You have made a wonderful start with the crochet blanket.

  10. Your mother's afghan is so beautiful. What a wonderful treasure to pass on.

  11. A hard month for sure. We just never know do we? I am sure your mom will be guiding you as you finish her projects. It is good thing that she passed her talents along to you and that you could share that with her. In the past few years...I have been given projects from two women who had no one to take on their things. I am hoping by finishing them...that maybe one day when I am gone someone will do that for me. Wishing you brighter days ahead!

  12. Oh Jo, I am so sorry, I haven't been by your blog for a while. My condolences on the passing of your mother and your nephew. So sad for you all. But you can take some comfort by the fact that they are now all together in heaven and that you can keep your mother's spirit alive through finishing some of her projects. Blessings on you and your family. hugs, Kaye

  13. So sorry to hear that your family has had more sadness upon sadness. You really have been put through the wringer (as we say here).
    That is a beautiful project to finish for your Mom.
    Take good care of yourself in your recovery... do lots of slow stitching.

  14. Oh Jo...I'm so sorry I haven't been by sooner. I never knew how you lost your son....and now leave this comment with tears in my eyes for the pain you and your borthers have endured loosing a child. I too am happy that you had such quality time with your mum and that going through her things is not painful. You are in my prayers. THANK YOU for sharing with us, your blogging friends...prayers and support being sent your way friend! V:)


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