Friday, 17 April 2015

MOLLI SPARKLES, AUSSIE HEROES & some quilts @ AQC in Melbourne

I was lucky enough to to be able to go to the AQC in Melbourne at the Exhibition Buildings at Carlton Gardens today. It was great to see so many people there. All shopping, talking, meeting friends and viewing the quilts....
I meet with the wonderful MOLLI SPARKLES. He was responsible for organising the Hashtag blocks for SEWING FOR SYDNEY. He was sent over 2000 blocks and was able to make 14 quilts for the families of the tragic event....
I had a very interesting chat with him about what I have been through and yes, there were tears. I will be following his blog for a long time. A very nice person indeed even though he didn't have any glitter on his face. He did have his blue splarkle hat though........ Say hi if you are there.... Thankyou...
Read about his venture here....

Just look at the HALO he has around him. Beautiful..
I love the quilt to the right. It might make a great Rainbow Scrap Challenge project....

I was spending my day helping out the wonderful people at AUSSIE HERO QUILTS....
Jan-Maree has coordinated over 4000 quilts to be sent to servicemen and women who are deployed.
The feeling you get with helping out is so gratifying. I am so proud to be part of this group.
I did a lot of talking and for anyone that knows me that's nothing unusual.... If Jan-Maree gets a few extra helpers then this was a success... 2 of my friends and I have made and sent off about a dozen quilts and we have all enjoyed the process.
To read more about it go to the blog..........
Here we have..... Caroline, Jan-Maree, Sue & yours truly....(haha) me JO

Here are just a few of the quilts that were displayed at the show.
I liked this quirky quilt. It made me laugh. THE QUILT POLICE.... just love it...

This one won the TRUE BLUE challenge

But this one was my favourite. It looked like a painting... AMAZING.

I couldn't put up all the photos but if you get a chance get in there and have a great day shopping and looking....

I saw so many friends, chatted until my throat was dry, of course, spent some money and bought a heap of goodies.
Overall I had a fantastic day.
Isn't it funny, the only way to catch up with a friend who lives half hour from home is to meet in the city for a 5 minute chat. The day was worth it though... Thankyou everyone....


  1. Looks like you had a wonderful day Jo, I hope to do the same on it was great meeting Mollie Sparkles and spending time with Jan-Maree.

  2. Sounds like you had a fun time and did some work for a great cause . So nice to help out in this way . The quilts are incredible , I love the bird , wow !

  3. Hi Jo ,wow what a wonderful day for you ,so much happening,so glad you had a wonderful day xx

  4. sounds like you had a ball Jo,
    good on you!!

  5. What an awesome day!! I just love the Quilt Police quilt!! That is just awesome, makes me laugh too :)

  6. What a fabulous day you had, and such a great cause....kudos to you's people like you all that make this world bearable, that's for sure! Fantastic effort Jo.....and I think I saw you all on TV last night, they had a thing on one of the channels about AQC and the Heroes quilts.....I know I saw Jan-Maree but I think you might have sneaked in a shot too! xoxox bighugs Wendy :o)

  7. Pleased to see you had a wonderful time at the Craft Show.....

  8. I too loved the Quilt Police! Such a fun quilt. All the quilts were amazing. Glad you got there and had such a great day.


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