Thursday, 23 April 2015

My mums finishes...

As you all know I have been working with my mums WIPs....
I am planning on finishing them to pass onto other members of the family. I'm not sure if I will do this all at once or a bit at a time. I will talk to mums husband and see how he feels about it.
Here is my first finish for mum and my 2nd for the month.
I think I know who this will be passed on to but everyone will have to wait and see.
Mum was a very good crafts person and a very giving one too.
We made these GOLLIWOG's (I know, politically incorrect, but that's how I grew up knowing them) years ago and mum has made lots more than me. We did them in boys & girls, lawn bowlers and footy players. These were our own designs and mum continually made them. One after the other. The last one she was working on was a HAWTHORN player for a friend. Of course it had to be finished. I'm sure it will be appreciated and never lost....
Here it is. YES I FINISHED IT.

Then there were these cute little BANANAS IN PYJAMAS slippers. 

These were not for any one in particular so they will go in the pile we have yet to decide which organisation to send them too. Maybe the hospital shop would be nice.

So I am adding this to my OPAMs 


  1. Beautiful things Jo and lovely you are able to finish them....I grew up with a golliwog my Nana made them!

  2. Oh wow Jo your mum will be so proud of you finishing these for her,well done on these beautiful finishes xx

  3. lovely throw Jo,
    and the golly and slippers are great too.
    well done on finishing these off.

  4. Lovely finishes. When I was about 20 I made a super knitted golliwog with a multicoloured stiped skirt . I wonder hat happened to it?

  5. great finishes Jo and they will always be golliwogs to me too. Love the Hawthorn one and I'm sure it will be much loved by the recipient.

  6. I think it's such a lovely idea to finish off your Mum's projects and your family will be so happy to have a little keepsake of her skill.

  7. At the retreat recently we had to wear a hat during the games. As I didn't have one I made a ribbon band and tied my hair up with the ends at the top. I said I was Aunt Jemima and was told that is racist. But it is a character from the past and it is the name of a pancake mix. And there were certainly many women who wore those kind of scarves. I guess it is that people see it as a stereotype that puts slavery in a positive light instead of negative. Or something like that... So happy to see you are getting to your mom's projects. I hope one of my girls finishes my projects for me when the time comes!

  8. wheeeee! love the slippers!!!

    Nice to hear you are completing your Mum's legacy. She lives on. xo

  9. The blanket looks so cozy and those little slippers are irresisible! I think it's wonderful you are working to finish you mum's WIP....they will certainly be cherished by many I'm sure!

  10. Where can I find the Banana's in pyjamas slipper pattern?
    redbeatle in Knitting Paradise and I would love to knit some up.

    Thank you for showing us all your wonderful projects.


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