Sunday, 7 June 2015

FNWF Secret sewing for Xmas in July

I have had so many ideas of what to make but what do I actually get started on.
I thought, take it slowly and simply, don't be overwhelmed, calm down.
So that's what I did and here is the start. A sneak preview.
Isn't he so cute

I also did a little bit of this too.

These projects are all finished but will not include them in OPAM or 1XiaM until July. After the reveal.

So this was how I spent my FNWF. Thanks Chez for organising.
Go over HERE to see who else joined in.


  1. Oh, you are teasing us - I am sure that both are great projects.

  2. OOohhhh I love secret projects! You got lots done for your night of sewing, well done! :) Barb.

  3. Oh so very cute Jo xx

  4. Very cute sneak peaks Jo. That little elf looks very cute

  5. OH!!!!! Looking good ....

    Love your Mum's finishes too.

  6. What great teasers you have posted! It will be fun to see the reveal next month.

  7. Cute little face you have peeking out of your photo.

  8. So cute and it looks like you have also been knitting. Beautiful work!

  9. Interesting sneak peaks..sometimes the hardest part is narrowing down what you want to do and getting of the 'problems' I sometimes have as well..

  10. Very fun! You've really done well on getting going on the Christmas gifts.


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