Wednesday, 10 June 2015

What a great weekend. ... UPDATED...

I have had a fantastic weekend of sewing. I went to Heathcote for a little sew and chat on Saturday. Worked on some secret Xmas sewing.. Sorry no pics yet.

Then my idea struck me for what to make for my next Aussie hero Quilt.
My guys request was for RUGBY & JAPANESE LINGUIST...  This was a challenge.
I must admit I love Japan, the people and the fabrics. I cannot speak or write it. As for rugby, I am not a sports person and I know nothing about it.
So WHY did I choose this request. I love a challenge. Once an idea comes to me it usually doesn't take long to do.
I hope I have got it right. I was emailing a friend in Japan for help. I hosted her as a student and we have remained friends. We have also visited her. Thanks Asami....
The word at the top says THANKYOU . This first version had a mistake so I hade to fix it..
Here is the correct version. The first letter didn't have the curved bit on it. The printer had chopped it off so I hadn't seen it. It is now there.. THANKYOU

 AND the new finished quilt

and at the bottom it says AUSTRALIA.

The fabric at the sides is Feng Shui and says WIND & WATER

Jan-Maree had this great backing for me to use. THANKS JAN-MAREE.

And here is the laundry bag to go with it.

2 finishes for OPAM


  1. the quilt looks good.........I think you fitted the request well.............

  2. Wow Jo I agree with Chooky,I reckon you hit the nail on the head,it looks awesome,well done my friend xx

  3. your quilt looks amazing! well done.

  4. Think you met the brief really well.

  5. That is a great quilt interesting how you choose a quilt and then mull over what to do, I often do the same and then an idea hits you! The words on the quilt are great! Great laundry bag too.

  6. So lovely of you to do these quilts Jo. what a challenge that one would have been but you did a great job

  7. I have made the corrections and am very happy with it now it's finished and in the post

  8. Wow...fantastic job Jo...xox

  9. You definitely met the challenge and did a fantastic job ! Great quilt :-)

  10. Wow, you nailed that challenge. Very cool quilt, I'm sure it will be well appreciated.

  11. HOw did I miss this's so awesome!! So glad you rejuvinated it under our sports theme this it's an original!! LOVE IT!


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