Tuesday, 20 October 2015

My grandson turns 7

In amongst me trying to catch up on my sewing commitments it was my grandsons 7th birthday.
Of course we spent a lot of time together. They slept over so we could all wake up together for present opening time.
Here are his presents ready to be opened.

Having fun opening so many presents. Look at them all. It's like XMAS

Loving his quilt.

Playing with his new toys on the quilt.

And then there was his special TNT, MINECRAFT cake that I got made.

Off for the party.

All the kids having lunch.

Now for happy birthday song time.

Just look at that cake.

I think everyone was happy.

I am over having a group of 7 year olds around me. I'm ready for a nap.....


  1. Looks like your little man had a wonderful day. Well done and wish him a belated HaPPy BirTHDaY. xox

  2. Great birthday cake. Nicholas looks a happy little chap. I understand what you mean about needing a nap after all the party festivities and excitements!

  3. So many lovely presents and a wonderful cake. Happy birthday Nicholas

  4. Hi Jo ,these grandies grow up so quick,looks like your young man had a wonderful birthday and that cake looks amazing,I also love Nick's quilt,the colours are spot on for a young mans quilt,enjoy your day my friend xx

  5. Happy Birthday Nicholas... can see a definite theme to this birthday. The cake looked amazing and so glad he loved his quilt

  6. The photos tell the story - he had a wonderful day topped of by that fabulous cake!!

  7. A busy fun filled birthday for Nicholas and yes time for you to rest.......

  8. LOL!! Yes they are a bundle of enery at seven. LOVE your mindcraft quilt and cake!!! So creative and ya know he will cherish that quilt!!!

    1. Love the picture of him under his quilt!! SO CUTE!!!

  9. Wow! What a lucky 7 year old! So many gifts and friends! Happy Birthday, the cake and the quilt are superb!

  10. Happy belated birthday to the seven year old. Looks like he had a blow out of a party. Love that cake, it's perfect.

  11. Super job, Grandma. Lovely quilt and great idea for a party away from home.


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