Thursday, 15 October 2015

Furniture clear out

I am having a clean up at home. Anyone out there want or need some beds, wall units or cupboards.
First up is an easy to assemble black framed bed. Really easy to put together. YES a mattress is needed. And needs to be picked up.

Then I have a great bunkers bed....
It can be used from birth to adult...
  It can start as a cot with change table and drawers,  

convert to a change table with drawers and a small bed for a little one. 

Then the drawers get put on a floor and you have a single bed... 

Of course, all comes with a trundle.

I do have a cot mattress if needed but most people want a new one...
Just give me an email if you want any of these.
I do have a to wall unit and some extra good storage wall cupboards to get rid of too.
Of course only pick ups need to enquirer...

as for my sewing, I am working on another Aussie Heroes quilt. I have three that will be finished over the next week. With any luck.. Here is one and I will appliqué a peacock on it....


  1. having a good cleanout will make you feel good and how generous to give you furniture away,and boy i sure do love this quilt,well done Jo xx

    1. Your quilt is stunning Jo. Love the design

  2. I love a good clear out too! Hope someone wants the furniture, they would be a good addition for someone setting up home with a new baby. Spider web quilt is looking good!

  3. Have emailed but may be interested in the bunkers cot/bed

  4. Love the quilt Jo...we had a big furniture clean out when we moved house.....big job but necessary!!

  5. Hope you find a home for your extra pieces. A clean up always seems to be a good idea, till I have to actually do it. Love your spiderweb blocks. Have fun stitching.


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