Monday, 26 October 2015

Thimble swap

after participating in my last thimble swap, which was exciting, Arlette contacted me and asked if I wanted to swap with her. It is very hard for me to find thimbles but I said yes. It took nearly 2 months to find some thimbles.
I went on a holiday to Yarrawonga/Mulwala, 3 hours from home. and found one...
Then hubby and I did a quick shopping trip to Mildura, 5 hours away, and found another.
There definitely wasn't any near where I lived. Every time I went out I stopped in to the information centres. No luck...
My daughter went into Melbourne for a job interview. She went shopping for me during her lunch break and had some fun. There were quite a few gift shops. It was my lucky day.. She found some with Melbourne on them....
So I could put a parcel together for Arlette. I am happy with what I sent. Arlette wanted more but my parcel was sent....
I also added a visitors book to Mildura, a little boxy coin purse and I put in a knitted dishcloth.
I hope Arlette is happy with this parcel.
It is being sent to Costa Rica...


  1. What a wonderful swap Jo, look forward to seeing the one you get from Costa Rica.

  2. Hi Jo this sounds like a fun swap,she should love your parcel,you did well xx

  3. I am sure she will be very pleased with her package . It has quite a long trip :-)

  4. Looks like fun package and a fun swap.

  5. Great swap Jo.....could have found some thimbles in Europe for you had I known.

  6. what a neat idea for a swap. Can't say I have ever seen thimbles, but will look next time I'm in a touristy shop.


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