Thursday, 12 May 2016


My friend has gone overseas for a while and wanted to thank me for a goodbye dinner I made.
She is so sweet. I just love these flowers..
Flowers from Victoria.
THANKYOU my friend....

Next up was a lovely note from Lucy. A recipient of my Aussie Hero quilt.
It is always nice to get a THANKYOU. We put effort into support our service men/women.
So when we get thanked it puts a smile on our face and makes it all worthwhile.
A lovely post card to say THANKYOU and
2 cloth patches for me to use

Aussie Herp quilt for Lucy


  1. Hi Jo hope you are feeling better today ,love those flowers Victoria bought you and how nice to receive a lovely thankyou from a serviceman,love your last quilt,now go and have a nanna nap,lol xx

  2. I agree, Thank you notes are important. Seem to be less of them these days, I'm sorry to say. The flowers are lovely and well deserved. Take care.

  3. So lovely to be appreciated

  4. Nice table runner. LOL. Such thoughtful thank yous: flowers and the postcard/patches. It's always nice to know your (volunteer) hard work is apreciated!

  5. What lovely flowers, a great quilt....a great lady.

  6. Such lovely flowers and quilt !!!

  7. Beautiful flowers Jo and very nice to get a card to say the quilt had arrived.


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