Sunday, 15 May 2016

HAPPY 30th BIRTHDAY to my dear daughter KRISTY......

This is a little late putting up photos of our cruise. Kristy has only just celebrated her 30th birthday.
I took Kristy away on a cruise to celebrate. She really deserves it. It was at a time when we both needed some time away from home and some time together.
She was so excited because she has never been out of Australia before.
So we flew to Brisbane from Melbourne, onto a ship to Vanuato, LIFO & New Caledonia....

luv you lots
Starting our celebrations of with a drink while waiting to board the plane....

Enjoying the flight
A glorious sunset on the flight to Brisbane

A beautiful breakfast to start our day
Getting a cuddle from a kangaroo in Brisbane Town Square
Contemplating what we are going to be doing in Brisbane

First sight of our ship that will be home for the next week
There's our ship in the port of Brisbane
Soaking up some sun by the ships pool 

Relaxing in the sun

How peaceful is the water


  1. Happy Birthday Kristy.. What a wonderful memorable cruise for Mum and you....

  2. Happy birthday to your DD . You girls did have fun 💖💖

  3. Hi my lovely friend,lol ,some of these pics look familiar,lol,you didn't show me the one of you both partying on the plane,lol.
    Happy Birthday Kristy,what a way to celebrate your 30 th birthday ,and you both deserved these break away ,lovely pics Jo xx

  4. Lovely to see you both happy and relaxed. A great idea for a birthday treat!

  5. Happy birthday to Kristy, a well deserved and happy holiday for you both.

  6. A very happy 30th birthday Kristy. A wonderful way to celebrate together x

  7. So glad you enjoyed the cruise and happy birthday Kristy

  8. Looks like a lovely, lovely time - what a great way to celebrate her birthday.


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