Thursday, 19 May 2016

Finally a FINISH

With what I have been going through lately. Being sick, stressed, sore foot, bad sore throat and dreaded cold . Then of course, dealing with my husbands health. It's any wonder after my last 4 years that I have fallen apart and lost the plot for a while.... Anyway, who wants to listen to me feeling sorry for myself...
Onto the good stuff.... I FINALLY HAVE A FINISH.....

Crossroad to Jerricho Quilt

This shows the quilting 
This was Marchs resolution project and it is done.....

Don't forget this Friday is    FRIDAY NIGHT SEW IN. Sign up and join in the sewing fun with Wendy and lots of others over at

I'll be at a retreat with about 30 ladies from the Kilmore Quilt group.
I will be sewing away...


  1. This break will do you good my friend ,love this quilt,have fun with the girls did you get the two pics I sent of Rosie and I xx

  2. I bet you will have a ball at retreat Jo... Will be great to see what you get up too..ENJOY!!

  3. Beautiful quilt - and what a nice get away for you. Time to relax and refresh.

  4. Enjoy the retreat. Enjoy some 'you' time. Love the quilt you just finished.

  5. Looking good Jo! Hope things are looking up for you!

  6. Enjoy retreat, love the quilt and we all need a bit of a complain once in a while. Hope you are feeling a bit better now.

  7. Hope you are enjoying the retreat Jo and getting some relaxing time. We all get to lose the plot from now and then...then your friends can send words of support and lift you back up!! xxooxx

  8. stop and smell the roses.......breathe and relax......take care of yourself.......

    the quilt is lovely....


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