Wednesday, 20 July 2016

Another jumper nearly done....

I have come across this site where you can link up your knitting projects. As I have been doing a bit of knitting lately I'm going to link up...

This jumper was a little harder to finish... This is the last of my SIL's jumpers that she had started. I'm not sure how long they have sitting around but the box was marked 2009. How long before that was it knitted though... Never mind. It's getting done now....
This is what I started with. A finished front, back and 1 sleeve. 
My next project to finish.

I have started to knit a sleeve from the first one made. Knitting and unravelling as I go. I haven't got enough wool to do the same zigzag pattern so I have decided to knit stripes.
Not enough to do the zig zag pattern. Stripes will have to do

Not much yarn. The cream isn't actually the same. It is one I found at home that would do. It is nearly the same colour so I have to make it work...
Knitting both sleeves at the same time.
Knit til there is none left...

I think I have done ok with what I had... Now to sew it up...
Only small bits leftover to use for sewing up.

I have noticed a few moth holes that need repairing. The pins are marking the spots....
I have about 1 metre of brown yarn left. Might be just enough.
Finding holes.... Repair time

The largest hole that needs repairing.


  1. You had to work hard to make this finish! Well done. We have recently had a moths problem in my husband's wardrobe and we had to throw away two almost new sweaters.

  2. Fantastic job getting this finished!
    Be careful you might start getting orphan ufos arriving at your place lol

  3. Oh very well done Jo, all that knitting is just so clever... I hope there's enough yarn for the repairs!

  4. Great work Jo on getting the jumper done with so little wool left over too.

  5. Well done Jo on getting this one finished, this one looked challenging!!!

  6. Lovely warm sweater , great job on making the yarn work for you. The sweater in the previous post is lovely as well .


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