Friday, 22 July 2016

FNSI, SS and a knitted finish

I have finished sewing up the last jumper for my SIL. It was a challenge. I ran out of the brown and had trouble finding something to match. There were lots of moth holes that needed mending. But it is done now and I hope that it will be ok. Even if it's only worn around the home...
The jumper is finished

My lovely friend Sue knew that I had finished the knitting pile and couldn't get out to my workroom so she drew up some Splendid Sampler blocks for me to work on. How sweet is she.
She came for a quick visit to drop them off.
Guess what I'll be working on for FNSI....
Thanks Sue they are lovely....
Splendid Sampler... No 44

Splendid Sampler.... No 43

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  1. The jumper looks fabulous! Hope you enjoy your stitching.

  2. Well done with the jumper Jo, it looks great. Not easy when you run out of wool. Very kind of Sue to come and prepare the blocks for you. You can sew the night away now.

  3. Oh your jumper looks fabulous!!!!! Love it and nice to see a bit more knitting around the blogs, especially during our winter months xo

  4. Love the jumper and the blocks look like they'll be such fun to stitch.

  5. The jumper looks great, enjoy your stitcheries !!

  6. That jumper is amazing
    How sweet is Sue Lucky you to have a friend like that

  7. Love the progress on The Splendid Sampler

  8. What a thoughtful friend! Love your jumper.


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