Sunday, 10 July 2016

My knitting needles are clicking and clacking

Now that I have finished mums blanket I am using up the yarn on beanies for kids and premmies...
This is a basic premmies pattern from .....
Knitting for PREM babies

This is a cute little frilly hat....
I used 8 ply and 4mm needles.
The instructions are a bit rough but I just guessed some of it. It isn't a full pattern but it isn't that hard... They are really cute.
If you read through the comments there is a smaller size given..
Large size 6-12 months
Small size 0-6 months...
Cute little hats

Some of the yarn has also gone to others that do charity... Spread the love...


  1. I love your hats! My 101 year old friend Win is now in a residential home, can't sew any more so she is knitting Prem baby hats - over 200 so far! The frilly hats are gorgeous. They remind me of illustrations of fairies in a child's story book.

  2. The little frilly hats take cute to a whole new level...remind me of gumnut babies...gorgeous...

  3. Hi Jo love the beanies especially the frilly ones

  4. Very cute - what a great idea!

  5. beautiful beanies to keep tiny heads warm.... the frilly ones are sew cute....

  6. Beautiful little frilly beanies!! Like little fairy hats. Good use of the wool y I u have Jo.

  7. Such pretty little beanies, the little frilly ones look like gum nuts


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