Wednesday, 10 August 2016


I am so far behind in making these blocks. Being chair bound and not able to use my machine has made it hard. I have accomplished some hand stitched ones over the last few weeks. The machine ones will have to wait until my new sewing room is set up when we move... Not long now....
Splendid Sampler . No. 31
And here are 2 more blocks my lovely friend Sue has prepared for me....
Thanks Sue. You are helping keep busy...

Block no.. 45...   Splendid sampler

Block no. BONUS... Splendid Sampler 


  1. Lovely blocks, Jo! Hope your new sewing room is all you hope it will be. Take care

  2. Great job on the stitchery and those blocks will be fun to stitch up, so cute . I don't envy you the move , a lot of work but I so hope you will love your new sewing room .

  3. Love the flip flops block! Good luck with the move. And good luck with the progress with your foot.

  4. I am too but I am sure we will catch up Jo. Once you get settled you will be away! Sweet blocks xx

  5. Pretty blocks, Hope to see your new sewing room soon... no rush to keep up with sewing, enjoy the move.


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