Saturday, 6 August 2016

My friendship blocks from the Heathcote Quilter girls...

Here is a photo of all my blocks I made for the Heathcote Quilting group.
There were 16 of us that participated. So here are 15 blocks that I made to show you. I haven't made the 16th one yet. That block is for me. We all had to write done a theme we wanted and a colour. So the list was made. Then with this list we had to choose a technique to make everyone's block in....
My technique was STAINED GLASS. It was a real challenge choosing everyone's themes and colours. There were Japanese, butterflies, free choice, Xmas, Autumn, houses, geometric and flowers... Look what I decided...

So here are the blocks I received.
My theme was baskets of flowers and red & white colours....
They are all supposed to be 8.5"....
There are a lot of techniques. None of the members have participated in this type of swap before...
I am going to make my stained glass block about 20" with a basket on point and strips on the corners...


  1. Love your stained glass blocks and red and white baskets,wow lots of work in there :)

  2. Love the stained glass blocks.

  3. All your stained glass blocks are gorgeous... Lots of pretty baskets too!

  4. Sounds like a great plan Jo... such lovely blocks there!

  5. Love the stained glass blocks Jo...your red and white blocks are beautiful, they will make a beautiful quilt.


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