Thursday, 25 August 2016

Some craft is still happening

All be it slowly but it is happening....
While everything has been boxed up I have managed to finish a crochet blanket with lots of scraps used up. The pattern was shown and given to me by a friend. Thanks Lyn. I love this pattern and it is so easy once you get going. I need the instructions to get started again but I think this will be my blanket to go to when I have left over yarns....
A great use of scraps

A nice size blanket

I have slowly been working on one of the splendid sampler blocks. EPP hexagons. Keep in mind that these are being put onto a 6" block. They are tiny. Not my favourite stitching so it is going very slowly. I keep avoiding picking it up. Here goes. At least I have started...
My tiny HEXIES for the Splendid Sampler block


  1. oh my word Jo, you're brave to tackle such tiny ones! Very pretty fabrics there & I'm sure they'll look great as (on?) the block when it's finished. Thank you for linking up , I know it's been a huge few weeks for you x

  2. You must have very nimble fingers to attempt sewing such minute pieces! Love the crochet blanket, an excellent way to use up bits and pieces of leftover yarn.

  3. Love the blanket looks great ! Wow they are tiny hexies !!

  4. Fantastic crochet.... Those hexies are tiny ....

  5. Love that blanket. Yes those hexies are really tiny..nice you are doing a little bit of crafty things.


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