Monday, 8 August 2016


Recently a close quilting friend passed away after suffering a short battle with cancer..
I have been part of this group about 13 years... There were 5 now only 4...
To help us deal with it we decided to make some blocks for all of us..
We make 2 designs of 12.5" blocks. Anything we want, anyway we want... But we have to make 5 of each... Then we will pass 1 to each of us. Rhonda is making 3 designs. This will give us all 9 blocks each. We will put together a quilt for Jill's husband to comfort him. Then we can all make what we want with the blocks.
This is my first design... A lovely saying and 5 hearts for 5 lovely ladies.
Each heart represents one of us in our favourite colour..

A beautiful saying with 5 lovely hearts...

All 5 blocks. 
Now to get the next block designed....


  1. Hi Jo
    Oh I'm sorry to read of your friends passing... this is such a loving & beautiful way to remember her & honour the friendships in your group.

  2. So sorry to hear you have lost one of your patchwork friends. A lovely idea to make a quilt for her husband and blocks for each of your group. I love your block and stitching. The message is great.

  3. What a lovely tribute and the hearts are beautiful.

  4. Beautiful blocks Jo, lovely idea to work through the sorrow.

  5. beautiful blocks made with love,


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