Wednesday, 28 September 2016

My finished pine cone

At the Tuesday night Sunraysia group we started a pine cone Xmas decoration. I didnt finish it on the night but it's done now.... Thanks to mums stash I didn't have to do much. Mum had a bag of ribbon already cut tomsize and folded... This one is for her....
Xmas ribbon decoration

I have also joined a birthday fat quarter group. If you want to join in you go on the list with what fabric you want. I chose neutrals. Then the month of your birthday everyone gives you a fat quarter.
Here are my first to hand in next meeting.. There are 2 lucky ladies this month.
I have packaged them in a cute little teapot card..
September.. Batiks

September..... Japanese


  1. Love your pine cone ... pretty and clever ☺

  2. What a gorgeous pine cone Christmas decoration....
    Nice FQs for the BD girls...

  3. Very clever pine cone there Jo... great idea for the fat quarters group

  4. This pine cone is gorgeous Jo, the fabric and colours are perfect.


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