Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Project night at Sunraysia.


I went to project night at the Sunraysia Patchworkers. We were making pine cones covered with ribbon for a Xmas decoration. 
I met up with Maxine and Pam. 
Maxine and Pam enjoying themselves

It was a bit of fun. I hadn't made these before but my mum made plenty. I was lucky enough to have a bag of mums leftovers already cut and folded. I only had to pin them. Maxine supplied the pins..
I did get it covered and still need to add the ribbon bow and hanger... photo to come
The one on the left is what it is supposed to be... 

The next day Maxine was quilting her quilt at the LQS. 
I dropped in to see her hard at work. She has done a great job.
Maxine quilting away


  1. I love your pine cone Christmas decorations. So clever!

  2. Looks like a great day, love your pine cone :)

  3. Made those pine cone things and didn't do a great job but they were fun. Yours look good. Looks like you have slotted in to Mildura life well


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