Friday, 30 September 2016

Splendid Sampler sewing

I have finished another Splendid Sampler block. It had a bit of machine sewing and some hand stitching too.
Splendid Sampler ... no..59
 In my mail was a lovely surprise.
A reverse gift from Kim.... Kim celebrated a special birthday this year. So she wanted to spread the cheer. The first 60 to comment on her post was going to receive a gift throughout the year. Mine has arrived and it is wonderful. A lovely cross stitched pin cushion, some fabric , ribbon & thread to make another pin cushion. Pattern was included too. A beautiful card with a special note.
Kim's birthday celebration year
Kim you are so kind and have had a busy year...
Have a look at all the beautiful things that Kim makes.


  1. Another lovely SS BLOCK.. what gorgeous gifts from Kim...

  2. What a lovely gift from Kim. She has been sending some beautiful things.


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