Thursday, 1 September 2016

Splendid Samplers are getting there.

My lovely friend Sue prepared 2 blocks for me before I moved. They are getting done. All I need to do to the squirrel is add a flower. I haven't decided if I want a Suffolk Puff or a flower button...
I might add a bead for his eye too.
Splendid Sampler block no... 45.   The Squirrel

Splendid Sampler BONUS block... THONGS


  1. Lovely SS blocks. How nice of your friend Sue to help you....

  2. You have some good friends, Jo. Two great blocks.

  3. Nice to have helpful friends , the blocks are great .

  4. Lovely pattern sheets are piling up lol!

  5. Beautifjl blocks, love the fabrics you have used. Special friend you have.


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