Monday, 30 October 2017

Aussie Hero laundry bags & a Xmas decoration

I'm going to be holding a workshop in January making Laundry Bags for Aussie Heroes.
I made some samples for show n tell.
This one is using left over blocks from the mystery quilt. A matching bag will go down well.

Then I made one using one fabric just to show

Here one made a while ago with leftover blocks again..

Now it's time to get into the Xmas mood and start making decorations.


  1. What a great idea to have a workshop to show folk how to make Aussie Laundry bags.. Your show and tell are great.....
    Love those wee Christmas decorations /.....

  2. Wonderful idea to have the workshop Jo, good to spread the word about Aussie Heros. Xmas decorations are cute.

  3. The Heroes bags are a great project. So easy and useful. Love the way you use leftovers. The little trees are so cute! Have fun with them.

  4. Love your little trees! And the Heroes bags are great, too.

  5. I can tell you are feeling better if you are teaching a workshop. Lovely little Christmas trees.

  6. the laundry bags look great Jo... I hope your workshops are successful!


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