Thursday, 26 October 2017

Learn your ABCs with these Little Letters

I made a few of these alphabet quilts a couple of years ago. They are beautiful baby gifts.
Thanks to Sheryl I am making some more.
These blocks are on 4" and have the sashing in between which I am putting on as I go.
The yellow and white quilt is being done in the same fabrics throughout the other is going to be all scraps of cream tone on tone and greens. The blocks really don't need much fabric at all.

If you want to Sew along with me go and have a look at how Sheryl did it.

Sheryl has done a great job with the instructions and lovely photos.
Make sure you leave a note to say hi and you are coming over from here.


  1. Love the letters Jo, that will make a great quilt.

  2. Great letter blocks. Your quilt will be lovely.

  3. I like your site and content. thanks for sharing the information keep updating, looking forward for more posts.

  4. Great alphabet blocks! I love the gingham in the corners.

  5. Great quilt. You amaze me, always on the go and so busy.


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