Tuesday, 4 September 2018

2018 Online Quilters Meet & Greet

I have been invited by Benita to join in with an Online Quilters Meet & Greet.

It's to spread the word about Quilters through our blogs and get to know more about them.

Now, I'm to tell you about me.
I started quilting back in 1998 when I did a HAND Sampler Quilt course. It was hand pieced, appliqué and quilted. I still have it and use it now.
 I had no idea what type of fabric to use, colours or any technique knowledge. This was a gift to me for my Mother's Day present.
 I was hooked and have not stopped. Every quilt I made after this was a little bit different. 

My 2nd quilt....
An all appliqué calendar quilt which took me a year to make and done by hand, machine pieced and hand quilted.
The sun even has beading on it for the rays.
I had fun with the label.

I started this 3rd but finished it 2nd...
At the same time I made my mum a hexagon quilt for her 60th birthday in 1991.  I have this back with me now.

My first curved piecing quilt was by hand as well as the quilting.
It was for my sons 6th birthday. He used it all the time with his little cars. His own race track. Now my grandsons use it 18 years later.

After my husbands grandma passed away back in 1999 we decided to hold a family reunion for a happy reason. Just to get together. I decided to get everyone to sign on some fabric. I designed this quilt to suit around the centre photo. Grandma was wearing a cardigan I had made her.  

I also backed it with a crochet blanket I had made for her.
I really was new to quilting and added wadding in the middle. It made it very heavy. 

Next, I went and did a Candlewicking Quilt class. This was made with hand dyed silk thread. It is very pretty and I haven't given it to anyone yet. I was hoping for my daughter to one day have a girl but so far she has two boys.. who knows what will happen in the future. I have made about 12 more of these quilts for gifts. They are very easy and relaxing to make.  

As you can see I love to sew, quilt, crochet, knit and even scrapbook. I also do a little bit of beading. I like to try different things and make special gifts. I enjoy being part of groups where I get a lot of inspiration. I thinking the blogging world is great as I have meet so many people through it. I talk to so many more everyday all over the world and I feel I have made some very good friends.

Back in 2012 I lost my son in a car accident. My world was hit hard. I wasn't being very active and one day my husband and I bought an iPad each. Sleepless nights playing, reading and learning how to use it led me to start my own blog. Here I am today and very thankful to all my followers, friends far and near. There are many of them I want to still meet.

Being part of groups helped me with many classes learning many techniques. This was a great project.
My pixelation quilt.. These individual pieces were cut at 1/2". There are about 4500 pieces. My tribute to John, my SON.

I am married to a loving, supporting guy. I have a married beautiful daughter, son in law and 2 grandsons, a stepson with 2 little daughters,  a step daughter with a daughter.
I work full time in an office job. I enjoy going away in our bus and being on the back of our  motorbike.

I now spend a lot of my time making and donating quilts to AUSSIE HERO QUILTS & LAUNDRY BAGS. These go to our defence force while on deployment. They are the only defence force that receive them while away from home and seeing overseas.



Here is his quilt. 


So, if you got this far, WELL DONE.

Why not continue to read others blogs.
You may even get inspired. Leave a comment if you'd like so I can see more about you.


Go over to  2018 Online Quilters Meet & Greet to join in the fun, meet new Quilters & be entered into the draw to win some great prizes.

And, THANK YOU to Benita for asking me to join in. 
I'll enjoy reading and following Benita's blog.

Don't forget to go and visit HERE to see the prizes 


  1. Your quilt adventure has been varied and spectacular! Neat idea to put the afghan on the back of ur signature quilt - it might be heavy but sew much love in one quilt is fantastic!

  2. Jo, you're so creative! Really nice to see some of your older projects. Here's to a lot more to come!

  3. You are amazing in everything you do and John's pixellation quilt is just beautiful.

  4. Jo, seeing your Quilts has been a wonderful glimpse of your wide range of talents. The calendar quilt is a masterpiece. The signature quilt was a special tribute to your grandma, so sweet with the afgahn backing. And seeing John's face every day is surely giving you comfort. Well done, friend.

  5. I like the variety of quilting techniques! Especially the hexies! :)

  6. What a beautiful signature quilt! I love that you give to your defense forces. My daughter is active duty and would so love to get something like this from someone besides her mother.

  7. A lovely selection of your quilty history! I too made a candlewick quilt, loved making those cute squares, it's not something you see much of these days.

  8. Wonderful array of quilts Jo and nice to see some of your first projects. Fancy backing a quilt with crochet! and I love the treasured quilt of John, amazing work.

  9. Another interesting post in this "meet & greet" detailing a few new aspects of your quilting life.
    Well done... xox

  10. I really enjoyed your post Jo. I see you started Quilting a year after me but of course I think you were already already whereas I wasn't. Good to know your first quilts are still in use.

  11. Lovely post Jo and it nice to see some of your older projects...

  12. First, I am so sorry for the loss of your son. The quilt you made as a tribute to him is precious...One to be treasured for always. I am very glad to to have met you...

  13. Lovely to meet you and your blog. Love your projects.

  14. Wonderful to see you progress in quilting Jo. Always great to see John in his quilt.xx

  15. Your calendar quilt and John's quilt are my favorite of the bunch. Keep sharing your quilts!!

  16. What a journey! A lot of beautiful quilts, thanks for sharing!

  17. I love your appliqué calendar quilt, Jo...quite ambitious for a second quilt...but it turned out great!
    And that label is so special!!
    Thanks for being part of the Quilters Meet & Greet! <3

  18. Your quilts are amazing and to have hand quilted them is incredible. Thanks for sharing your many gorgeous quilts!

  19. I was very excited to see your name on Benita Skinner's blog and have thoroughly enjoyed reading your history, even though I know it anyway! :) Big hugs. Love, Andrea xxx

  20. So sorry for your loss! Your quilts are really wonderful.

  21. You certainly did not start off with easy. I loved reading your quilt story.

  22. Jo - whatever happened to starting to learn to quilt with a basic patchwork???? Haha - your beginner quilts are more ambitious than any I have made - I am impressed by the challenges you take on. Love the "race car" quilt - it is just perfect for that sort of play. Fun to read about you in this post!!

  23. You have some very nice quilts. Thank you for participating and sharing part of your quilting journey with us. I didn't start quilting in time to make a race car quilt for my son and didn't take the time to make one for any of my three grandsons. Your pixaltion quilt is absolutely amazing. I cannot fathom a quilt of cut 1/2" pieces. You have the patience of Job. I don't know how you could keep your seams straight. What size seam allowance did you use? With a 1/4" that would leave you zero fabric. WOW - what a feat. Again, thanks for participating in the hop.

  24. Great quilt story and quilts. Thank you for sharing.

  25. I enjoyed your Blog! Your quilts are beautiful! I love the applique` calendar quilt and the pixel quilt in honor of your son. I am so sorry for the loss of your son. Thanks for sharing.

  26. I'm so sorry about the loss of your son...life is never the same after something like that. I must say that I was astounded when I saw and read about your second quilt - I had to re-read to be sure I had understood it correctly. Wow! Thank you so much for inviting us to visit with you.

  27. Loosing a child has to be heart-breaking. No matter how old they are or how many years pass, the sorrow still lives in our heart. Thank you for helping others so far from home; that has to be a source of comfort to those service men and women.

  28. I love your quilts and thanks for sharing the stories attached to them.

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  30. I hopped over to another page in your blog, and see you were in Mareeba. A very long time friend of mine ( we go back to 1954)!!!, her brother , Ron Blundell is on the committee of the Mareeba Heritage Centre. ( He was the President in 2013).Lovely to give quilts to those going overseas, a part of you and Australia goes with them.

  31. Love all you shared with us..feel like I just had a visit with a dear friend. :) Beautiful quilts, and I understand your loss..my son was a month from his 22 birthday & died in an a car accident...in 2001. Sending Hugs to you. Keep those Heart Memories close.

  32. Nice to meet you! Your pixel quilt is amazing. You put love in every square.

  33. You are an awesome mother, grandmother & wife. Love to have you in my family.

  34. Your son was quite handsome. I always liked the name John. I am so glad that quilting was soothing to your soul in navigating life after John left you here on earth. Enjoyed the I Pad story. You are never too old to try something new. It seems you can do anything you put your mind to. Enjoyed my visit in your world!


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