Saturday, 22 September 2018

Chillagoe Marble Caves

Headed for CHILLAGOE
Here is our Bus driver/tour guide and host for the evening. Caroline is also a wildlife carer. Look at this very young kangaroo being feed. Ever so cute.
Heading off for a tour underground in the caves. The Aboriginals never went in the caves as they thought there were deaths in there so we're scared to enter.... or so we were told .

There were a lot of large spiders, cock roaches, bats and other life in these caves. It was so black without our torches. I wouldn't want to be in there alone.

Here we are inside the cave. You can make many carvings/pictures out of the mites. Here we are about to be gobbled up by a skull.

Love my boots too. I had to wear them on the uneven ground to protect my ankle. I didn't want to risk another break.. I'm so glad I went for safety rather than fashion..

This was a marble mine that was being worked on.. Then they hit a natural spring which caused problems. It never drained and dried so they couldn't get their machinery in to extract the marble so it is just left there.
Most of our marble is sold overseas to China.. A funny story about our government. When they were refurbishing Parliament House they bought all the Marble in from China.. So we, Australian Government sold marble to China then bought it back again for their building.
What a waste of money, time and handling. Lucky China... 

Look at these amazing stalectites and stalecmites.. This cave was amazing.

This is a sweet little town...


  1. The caves look very interesting, great pics.

  2. I think caves are so interesting. EnJoY...xox

  3. Caves look great, thank you for taking us along via your blog.

  4. Glad you enjoyed it. You could never get me in there in a million years.

  5. I am not so keen on traipsing around the bush and in caves - you can keep it.
    But what a shame about the marble - so typical....

  6. Looks a great trip. Sensible sturdy boots, just the ticket.

  7. Good idea wearing the boots! I will go and look in caves but am not a big fan either, sometimes the acoustics are amazing though. So typical of the Govt here!!

  8. Caves are so cool (no pun intended), aren't they?

  9. Thanks for the caving photos. I have been in a couple in Utah and felt claustrophobic. They are pretty neat though.


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