Saturday, 4 January 2020



This is from a blog I follow and support:

Oz Comfort Quilts Bushfire Quilt Drive.
I've given this a lot of thought and I have decided to run another quilt drive for those affected by bushfires in Australia. I've been running these drives almost every year if I have contacts living in the affected areas who can distribute the quilts where needed and I have family and some friends living in and near the affected areas of East Gippsland and Southern New South Wales who will help with distribution.  The largest quilt drive we've run was 2,300 quilts distributed to the residents of Kinglake whose town was decimated by fire in 2009 with 77 deaths. The huge amount of quilts we distributed was only possible due to the very generous donations of quilts, tops and QAYG blocks by quilters both here and from a large number of international quilters . I don't expect to be able to distribute that many again but any we can donate will bring comfort to those who have lost everything.
       If you are able to donate even a few QAYG blocks that will help me make many quilts by combining them, without incuring huge postal costs. People are still in the survival stage and not ready to receive quilts yet but as 1,300 homes have been lost so far,  the need will be great and I have started making quilts already so I have some on hand when distribution is appropriate .
   The QAYG blocks are 10.5 inches square and you can use batting scraps as well as fabric scraps. I will post another reminder on how to make them if you are interested. If you want to send any tops for me to quilt and donate, it would be a huge help if you were able to send backing, but it's not essential.
     There is also a need for crocheted blankets so if you want to send Granny Squares made from 8ply yarn and with 10 rounds of crochet, they would also be very useful for getting more blankets finished to donate.
     I'm so sorry to ask for help with another quilt project but the need is so great, with so many communities being affected, especially in more remote areas, and I really felt I should try to do something to help. There's been a lot of anger, most likely stemming from fear as people say they felt they were abandoned, whereas so many small, isolated towns needed fire trucks that resources weren't available everywhere they were needed. I'm hoping that receiving handmade quilts and blankets will remind them that we are thinking of them.
   I know there are many groups of quilters who will be making and donating quilts if they live near affected areas and I encourage you to support them if that is more convenient. Please email me for my mailing address and if you have any questions.
  Tomorrow  I'll share some photos of the quilts I've been making this week and I'm praying that we finally get some rain so the fires can be extinguished before more lives and homes are lost.


Stay safe everyone.
Hugs, Jan Mac 


Maria said...

Thanks Jo ... Jan does an amazing job getting quilts to folk who need them most. That's why I have continued to support her since 2009 ..

retdairyqueen said...

Could you tell me about the QUAG blocks

kiwikid said...

Will help out Jo, can you give me some ideas about the quilt as you go please?

Barb said...

If you need a hand to join these blocks, just let me know. I’m not coming up until this fire season is over. Xxx

Susan said...

This is exactly what I've been looking to find. Thank you. It's good to know crochet friends (and I presume knitters) can help, too!