Sunday, 19 September 2021

More mail.. QATW & teabag strings & some knitting

 I received an envelope one day from someone I don’t know. It turns out that Brenda had seen my posts about knitting with teabag strings and after a few emails sent me some. I was very happy with them. 

I have rolled them on to an icy pole stick that someone had given me with some already on there. 
But I still have a few to tie and roll up.
These will make another lovely scarf for a gift.
The kindness of fellow crafters gives me a smile and makes me feel good.
Thank you Brenda.


How about this happy mail from my swap partner Dorian from QATW. 

This was our Xmas in July swap. It didn’t make it in July but it did the first week of August. Yes, I am a bit slack and this is a catch up post. Anyway… here is my lovely parcel that arrived.

I opened up my parcel and some were wrapped and others not. I thought the postie had had a look inside but it was confirmed that this was how it was sent. Some wrapped to tease me.

There were a pack of magnetic bookmarks, heart shaped tape measure, sewing shaped buttons, a framed stitchery in a hoop, lollies and chocolate. Last of all a quilt themed novel which I will enjoy reading. I have all the Elm Creek novels and loved them too so I am looking forward to this read.
Thank you so much Dorian. It was a great surprise..

I have got my act together and finished sewing these knitted cot hanger covers on the hangers.

They have been knitted for over 12 months now. I thought it was time to finish them off.


Jenny said...

Lots of Happy Mail delivered to your door! Knitted coat hangers are always nice, are you making them for gifts? It often takes me ages to sew up knitted items too.

Maria said...

Lovely swap gifts in the post as well as the tea bag strings…
Crafters are great folk…
Great pile of covered hangers there….

kiwikid said...

Wonderful happy mail for you Jo. Great surprise with the tea bag strings. Also a wonderful finish with the coat hangers.

Janice said...

How nice to receive crafty mail. It really must have felt like Christmas. The coat hangers look nice and padded too.

Denice Barker said...

If you only knew how your tea bag string knitting fascinates me...but you do because I keep telling you! And you will never know how many people I tell about your project! To see the nice pile of strings growing is making me feel better. I use stringless bags otherwise I'd send some to you, too. Keep on keeping on!

jacaranda said...

A lovely gift and you have been very busy knitting.

dq said...

Love those hangers so much! I have clothing that need hangers like that because they slip off other hangers.