Saturday 1 April 2023

40th Wedding Anniversary and my birthday - extremely photo heavy

 After the 2 previous weeks we were looking forward to a few days away together. We had looked forward to this trip for nearly one year. Yes, that’s how long it was booked for.

We set out early as it was a 6 hour drive to Canberra from my brothers. I know some of you won’t believe it but I did see the sun rise.

3 nights away to celebrate our 40th wedding anniversary and my birthday. We were drained when we got there but it was worth it.

As this was our anniversary our daughter arranged for there to be a bottle of Moët chilled in the room to greet us. Yummy.

Jamala had also put a little soft toy tiger on our bed as a gift.

Our first night was in a giraffe treehouse and we got to feed them.

Our 2nd night was with the lions

And the 3rd night was with the tigers. 

This was my birthday and there was another toy tiger on my bed.

The tigers from our room

The food was amazing.

Vegetarian canapés 

Big breakfast

Birthday lemon meringue

Mixed canapés

Breakfast, avo, eggs, bruschetta, mushrooms

Anniversary pavlova

Rack of lamb

Happy anniversary rich chocolate dome with berry sorbet

Steak, lobster and veg.

My pork dinner

Pasta carbonara lunch

Our table setting for lunch

Thai beef salad

Lunch time next to the hyenas

The animals were fascinating. 

The view of the giraffes from the other side of our room.

A funny monkey

Our setting at dinner

One side of the giraffe house.

The hyenas. I’m not a fan of them.

This fish was having a rest. I have never seen this before.

The white lions being fed next to the restaurant. They weren’t in there for long as they headed on to their compound.

The deer outside our room

The lioness coming up to the window of or room

The sun bear waiting for a feed

The rhino was having a scratch

These ostrich are so big.

These monkeys were so fun to watch. I have some videos but haven’t worked out how to put them into a post.

The sun bear having a rest way up high.

We even got to feed the meerkats.

I patted a rhino

A corn snake

And a blue tongue lizard. We had one as a pet when I was a kid.

There was so much to look at and we really enjoyed our time there.

Our time has come to an end and it was time to leave and head back to my brothers (6 hours). 

Then home (another 5 hours).

We arrived home and straight to bed, exhausted. 

We ended up with covid and we’re bed ridden for 11 days. 

I managed to go back to work but it was very hard. Coming home each night with no energy, not eating properly and so drained. Mentally, physically and emotionally. 

We are still having daily updates about my MIL. She is stable and on morphine. No improvement. Still a waiting game. So, needless to say, the month of February and March has been very eventful. Unfortunately, either side of our once looked forward to trip was not so meant our feelings weren’t quite in the right place but we know we have celebrated a special time together.

Now to focus on healing.


Mari said...

Happy birthday, and happy anniversary! It looks like a wonderful trip. I hope you are getting over Covid, and I'm still thinking about your MIL. Life has its ups and downs, dowsn't it? Take care.

Denice Barker said...

Wow! I have NEVER seen a place like that!!
Sorry about the souvenir you brought home but it was a very special way to spend a birthday and anniversary. Happy hugs

jude's page said...

Great photos Jo, and the food looks amazing, nothing like that at Number 8!! Hope you are feeling better now, not long until your next trip! Happy anniversary and happy birthday to you too.

loulee said...

Happy Anniversary. What an amazing way to celebrate. Thanks for the photos.
Shame you caught COVID, hope you are feeling much better soon. Thinking of you all at this time.

Anorina @SameliasMum said...

Everything looks absolutely wonderful. What a wonderful way to celebrate 40 years together. The food all looks very delish. Happy birthday too!

Jenny said...

What a place to go to for a double celebration. All those animals so close, and the food looks amazing. Many happy returns, and happy 40th anniversary. It's our 40th too later in the year, I'll have to find somewhere special to go as well.
Sorry that Covid struck, seems to affect people very lightly or rather severely. Get well soon.

kiwikid said...

Happy birthday and anniversary to you Jo. What an wonderful place to stay, the food looks gorgeous and the animals amazing. Hope you are recovering from the covid.

Karen's Korner said...

Happy anniversary and birthday. What a great way to celebrate both occasions.
Speedy recovery to you both.

Raewyn said...

Happy birthday and Happy Anniversary Jo. Gosh what a fabulous Lodge to stay at - a shame you weren't able to enjoy it to the max. Wishing you all the best for recovery and for everything else too.

Susan said...

What a wonderful experience! Happy anniversary and happy birthday.
Darn about the Covid.

All the best for your MIL.

Dorian said...

Wow Jo, that is amazing! I've never heard of a zoo hotel type place. It must of been really interesting watching the animals like that. A happy birthday and anniversary! I'm sorry for the sad, mixed in with all the fun. I hope you and hubby are feeling better.

Janice said...

What an incredible way to celebrate. They will be wonderful memories. I do hope you are fully recovered from COVID very soon. It sounds like it really got you.

Vireya said...

Congratulations on the anniversary! That is an amazing place to celebrate.

Chookyblue...... said...

Was just telling another lady I met at work about your wonderful time at the all the photos.......

dq said...


That place looks like a bucket list - wowzer!